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We race radio controlled racing cars and fly helicopters.

The club have recently lost the use of the venue we had been using for the past 3 years. The market for industrial units has changed over the past few months and we have been unable to find a suitable venue at affordable terms.
We have found a very nice Community venue in  Grangefield, Stockton. They have a 5-a-side sized sports hall with lots of storage, pitting and catering facilities. Ideal for us as a club. There is even the possibility of out-door racing later.
We had our first club meeting on Saturday 2nd January 2016. It now turns out that the venue is available from about 4.00pm so we have more time to set things up.
The feeling is that we will run off-road and saloons together (not in the same heat). So come along and have fun.

What do we do?

Where are we?

Our new rack address is:-

Grangefield Youth & Community Centre

Oxbridge Lane


TS18 4HY

Registration request

We hold club meetings every Saturday.
Doors open at 4.00pm. All hands to lay carpet & track.
Racing from about 6.00pm. Out by 11.00pm
No need to book, just turn up.

Fees click here

Open to non members. P.L. Insurance required.
(BRCA membership preferred.)
Club memberships due NOW.

The Centre is at the end of a narrow lane. The entrance to the lane is easily missed. Coming from the ring road roundabout, it is on the right, just after the hatched centre line. Oulston Road is on the left.

The signage is visible from this direction, but not when coming from out of town.

The latest class we are running is for  “micro” electric buggies.

A number of the club members have got them and we now run 2 heats . The buggies are ideal for this size track, quick and agile and happy with the sort of jumps and obstacles we have.

The news for 1/10th buggies is good as well. Although the indoor track is a bit small for them, we have obtained the go–ahead to run outdoor meetings on site in a dis-used area.

We recently ran a 2 day off road regional event and things seemed to go very well. Clashing dates make it difficult to arrange further meetings, but we will keep trying.

More news as soon as I get it.